About tiles and decors …

Tiles and decors that I make are mainly wall tiles. They are resistant to normal use, washing, abrasion, soaking, scrubbing, etc.

They are comfortable to use. During ordinary every day using of tiles there is no need to protect their surface. You can cleaning tiles same way you usually do in your home.

I have tiles of my own production at my home, in my own kitchen. They create a unique space that I enjoy when I’am cooking every day.

Tiles and decors are made entirely by hand. They are created by rolling and then cutting slice of clay.

I use grained clay, full of particles. This kind of clay quartered the most that finished product would’t be deformed.

For each decor, tiles with pattern, I also make basic tiles. They are usually tiles in the background color of the decor, but they can also have a different color, according to the customer’s needs.

Patterns on decors are applied most often by the imprint method. In traditional decors, I use my own production stamps. In case of floral pattern decors I imprint real plants which I collect in every opportunity. Unfortunately, not all plants can be kept. For example for dandelions which I use to produce tiles or tableware I have to wait for spring time. So you can see haw much my ceramic is close to the nature 😉

Standard size tiles I make is 10x10x0.8cm but I you want tiles in different size please fell free to ask I will do my best 🙂

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