How to install tiles …

Tiles can be mounted on the wall the same way as to ordinary tiles, by montage glue.

1. Installing tiles.

When gluing tiles to the wall, it is best to take tiles from several packages at once, and not one after the other, a package per package.

Often tiles are packed in the order in which they came out from the kiln, and it is known that there may be minimal differences between the series each of firing.

Installing tiles depicting a larger meadow image.

Each tile has a mark on the bottom so you don’t have to worry that you placed them incorrectly.

2. Putting fugue.

It is’t necessary to apply fugue. It is depends on how you prefer.

If you decide to put a fugue remember that when applying a dark fugue to light tiles and vice versa, a light fugue for dark tiles, this should be done using a kind of cone. In this way of application you put fugue directly in the slits between the tiles. Do not cover the entire surface of the tiles like it usually does in the case of factory tiles.

A good solution is to stick tiles without breaks, and any possibly slots between tiles can be complemented with fugue in the background color of tiles. In this method, we cover every slots, and the fugue will be visible minimally.

The same method is recommended for tiles with any imprinted pattern.

In the case of applying a similar fugue to color of tiles this method is not required, and it is right to standard application.

During ordinary every day using of tiles there is no need to protect their surface. You can cleaning tiles same way you usually do in your home.


What color of  fugue choose?

Usually, I suggest to use a fugue in the color of the clay, from which the tiles are made, which is usually warm bright beige. I recommend this method in the case of bright tiles.

The next way to match the fugue is a choose color similar to the dominant color of the tile glaze, but in the place where it is darkest. I recommend this method in the case of dark tiles.

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