The ceramics workshop was created somehow in 2009 in a small room in a block of flats in a large noisy city. It all started with a discord on the reality and a short course of ceramics and a few textbooks and then their own exciting self-tests and discoveries, because ceramics is like alchemy. In the oven at high temperature, real miracles happen and there is an irreversible transformation of clay and enamel into … ceramics! The first ideas began with tiles with imprinted patterns. Over time, with increasing daring, I began to expand my ceramic production with various types of dishes, sometimes cat sculptures, beads and various oddities. However, before the time came for courses and tiles, there were little clay devils that a little clay girl dug out of her home by hardworking physical workers, and then there were over 20 years of break without even a small piece of clay in hand … Currently, the studio it already has its next, larger location and together with the adjacent areas it occupies almost 40 sq m, has all the most important appliances and is located in a house in a quiet village surrounded by nature, from which I can draw without a special effort, just go outside or look out the window . The studio was created out of exploration and now, like a well-oiled machine, it is driven by the strength and passion of its creator who tries to put his heart into everything she does.


The store’s offer includes tiles, wall decors and table ceramics. Everything is done and painted by hand from scratch and more precisely from a piece of clay.
My tiles and dishes are never perfectly equal, although I try not to differ significantly from the adopted standard. They are also not identical to those seen in the pictures. There may always be slight differences in the color saturation or visibility of the pattern. And that’s all because of the completely manual method of their production.

By placing an order, you can write your comments. They will be helpful for me in completing the order, so that in every detail it will meet expectations.

I cordially invite you!