How my tiles are made

Tiles are made entirely by hand.

I start with rolling clay, then cut tiles.

When I’am making decors with a pattern, then I stamp the pattern with help plaster stamp I made myself.

When I’am making tiles with a floral pattern, I use real plants that I imprint in clay.

Then comes time to dry the tiles. Tiles must be properly arranged during drying so they do not be awry. When the tiles are dry, it’s time for the first firing, so-called biscuit.

Then there is the time to apply glaze. Tiles in one color of glaze are quite simply to make, but you need to remember about the precisely application of glaze, suitable brushes and keep the right proportions in mixing glaze powder with water.

When I’am creating tiles several colors on each, then a calm and secure hand is necessary.

When tiles are glazed, it’s time for the next, last firing, from mud to ceramic.

Each of the firing takes half a day and the second half ceramic stove slowly cools down and you can not look inside, just patiently waiting.

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